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“Drawing on his experiences as president of consulting firm Bernard Associates and his time as a senior fellow at Wharton, Stan Bernard offers his business know-how in Brands Don’t Win. Bernard is the creator of the three-step Transcender System, a model based on the idea that leading companies rise above the competition by defying traditional […]

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“It seems to be the time of the disruptors — or those who practice a Transcender System™, a term coined by Stan Bernard. He begins Brands Don’t Win by talking about all the top names in the business world that turned against traditional branding strategies. Instead, they refocused their efforts in novel ways and wound

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“In the early days of Starbucks, the company leaned heavily on branding to sell its product and opened an average of one new shop annually. Fast-forward 16 years and Starbucks was opening 1,350 shops per year. That’s because they ditched their reliance on traditional branding and embraced the agenda of becoming customers’ ‘Third Place.’” This

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“Maybe you’ve been playing by the rules. Stan Bernard would suggest you stop. As he explains in Brands Don’t Win, it’s the companies that switch up the game that stand out. Think Starbucks and Peloton, for instance. They resist falling into the same-old, same-old pattern of thinking. Resultantly, they disrupt entire industries. Throughout Brands Don’t

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